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Trainer Toolbox + Trainer Manual, 3rd Edition

The IHS Trainer Manual is a companion to the IHS Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course; its framework aligns with that of the course, with 40 lessons presenting the material in manageable and cumulative sections. Hands-on training is key to the success of any apprentice, and the IHS Trainer Manual guides the trainer/mentor in teaching, reinforcing, and assessing every practical skill necessary.

For the first time, the Trainer Manual includes the Trainer Toolbox, an online platform designed specifically for the trainer/mentor. The Trainer Toolbox is jam-packed with dozens of hand-picked resources designed to make your training more effective and efficient. IHS takes the guesswork out of training with these easy-to-use trainer tools. Trainers learn exactly what to teach and how to teach it!

Trainer Manual, 3rd Edition

Member Price: $279.00

Non Member Price: $299.00

Trainer Manual, 3rd Edition AND Distance Learning Course

Member Price: $899.00

Non Member Price: $949.00

NEW with the 3rd Edition:

Training new apprentices has never been easier – get the NEW Trainer Toolbox and Trainer Manual, 3rd Edition and grow your business today!


"If you don’t have an established training program, then this is the perfect setup and there is no need whatsoever to recreate the wheel. You can easily incorporate this into your practice, and know you are providing your new practitioner with a great baseline for the scope of knowledge needed to succeed in the hearing industry."

Michelle LaRiviere, MA, CCC-A
Director of Audiology and Professional Development

*IHS International Licensing Exam refers to the International Licensing Examination for Hearing Healthcare Professionals.