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Trainer Manual

Table of Contents

Competency-Based Training and Assessment

What makes a Good Trainer?

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The International Hearing Society is proud to introduce the

2nd Edition Trainer Manual

The Trainer Manual is aligned to the Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course. The 40-lesson course is comprised of the Professional Training Workbook in Hearing Health Sciences and the Professional Training Textbook in Hearing Health Sciences with a robust online learning system. The training is progressive and each lesson reinforces the next. Practical training and experience is essential.

The first page of each Trainer Manual lesson introduces the topic and provides the corresponding Distance Learning course lessons and readings. This manual becomes part of the training documentation required in some jurisdictions. Trainers learn what to teach and how to teach it without recreating the wheel.

Trainer Manual 2nd Edition

Member Price: $279.00

Non Member Price: $299.00

Distance Learning Course + 2nd Edition Trainer Manual

Member Price: $899.00

Non Member Price: $949.00

Trainers will

Apprentices/Trainees will:


You get...

40 Organized Lesson Plans with Learning Objectives


Break down of Teaching Tasks and Practical Skills in each Lesson


Checklists to document the time commitment


The Practical Skills Assessment is a rating of the trainee’s achievement of proficiency on the tasks required for the lesson.


Evaluation tools and Assessments

"If you don’t have an established training program, then this is the perfect setup and there is no need whatsoever to recreate the wheel. You can easily incorporate this into your practice, and know you are providing your new practitioner with a great baseline for the scope of knowledge needed to succeed in the hearing industry."

Michelle LaRiviere, MA, CCC-A
Director of Audiology and Professional Development

*IHS International Licensing Exam refers to the International Licensing Examination for Hearing Healthcare Professionals.

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