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Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program

Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Holders

Please view below for a list of individuals who have completed IHS’s assessment-based Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program. Individuals listed have completed the program, passed the assessment and have earned a certificate.



Please note that this list only represents certificate-holders who have opted in for inclusion in our directory. Every effort has been made to compile complete and accurate information. If you believe that there has been an error or if you would like to verify a certificate-holder who is not listed, please contact IHS staff at  This directory should not be construed as an endorsement of the individual's organization, company, or services. This information is provided for your convenience and may not be used to populate a marketing database or in a direct marketing campaign.


Eugene P. Antonell, BC-HIS

Candice Appler, BC-HIS

Scott Beall, AuD, ACA, CCC-A, BC-HIS

Averie Bendana

Judith A. Bergeron, BC-HIS

Theodore J. D. Blanford, ACA

Candice Boldt, BC-HIS

Jacob Boldt, BC-HIS

Karl R. Brandsen, BC-HIS

Coby S. Brothers, BC-HIS

Chelsea Burdge, M.Sc., RAUD, Aud.(C)

Lynn Callaway, BC-HIS

Pamela Cameron

Bonita Chow, M.Sc., R.Aud, Aud.(C)

Kristen Clark, AuD

Sophie Cushing, BC-HIS

Charles W. Darby, BC-HIS

Amy DiDonne

Donna DeMarco, AAS, BC-HIS

William Dennison, BC-HIS

Brent Donohoe, BC-HIS

Lynette Leslie Dornton, AuD, CCC-A

Douglas Dunker, ACA, BC-HIS

Jacqueline A. Elcox, BC-HIS

Chantelle Emery, HIP, BC-HIS

Dr. Sandra Engelberth, CCC-A

Kimberley Falkiner, BC-HIS

Diane M. Fox, BC-HIS

Jennifer Frey, M.Sc., RAUD, RHIP

Sherry A. Gajardo, BC-HIS

Richard W. Giles, ACA, BC-HIS

Renee Giroux, AuD

Brigitte Giroux, HIS

Belinda Gonzales

Vladimir Gutierrez, BC-HIS

Julia Ham, M.Cl.Sc.

John Clell Hamm, BC-HIS

Mae Hernandez, AuD, RAUD, RHIP

Kenneth Hill, ACA, BC-HIS

Cynthia Hoest, BC-HIS

John Hoglund, ACA, BC-HIS

Patricia Y. Hoglund, ACA, BC-HIS

Sally Johnson, ACA

Jill Klein, ACA, BC-HIS

Karen J. Kowalczyk, BC-HIS

Garry Kranjc, M.CI.Sc., RAUD, RHIP

Pamela W. Kreps, BC-HIS

Angie Kwong, BA, RHIP

Donald Lawrence, ACA, BC-HIS

Jeffery Lawrence, BC-HIS

Kaitlyn Locke

Robert Mario, PhD, BC-HIS

Joseph R. Melchiorre, BC-HIS

Beth Ann Montgomery

Cathy Newman, AuD, CCC-A

Jennifer Oger, BC-HIS, RHIP

Melinda O'Meara

Cynthia Peffers, ACA, BC-HIS

Elizabeth A. Perry, BC-HIS

Caroline A. Pirtle, BC-HIS

Ceara Rolseth

Edward Storzer, M.Sc., Aud.

Dan T. Tyler, ACA

Sean T. Vierling

Jennifer D. Waddell

Neah Y. Washington, ACA, BC-HIS

Derick A. Winn, BC-HIS

Andrea Young, ACA, BC-HIS


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