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Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program



The Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate will be granted to licensed hearing health professionals with at least 2 years of post-licensure clinical experience who have completed the Tinnitus Care Provider two-day workshop and passed the separate assessment. Candidates must attempt the assessment within 30 days of the workshop, and should use the time between the workshop and assessment to study the workshop materials and the resources given at registration.


The 105-question, multiple-choice exam is computer-based. There are testing centers throughout the United States and Canada, so that candidates may choose the center most convenient for them. Candidates have 2 hours (120 minutes) to complete the exam.

The assessment is practice-based, meaning that candidates will be expected to understand and apply, analyze, and evaluate experiences and information in ways similar to those employed in a professional work environment. Each assessment question will provide a scenario or information to consider and apply knowledge of processes, relationships, etc. to solve a problem or devise a solution in the given situation.

This assessment was developed by practicing professionals in the hearing instrument sciences. These individuals volunteered their time and expertise to this project under the guidance of a test development and psychometric services company.

You will receive further information on the assessment content in the Assessment Guide distributed during the workshop.


The assessment is designed to differentiate between candidates who do and who do not possess the knowledge required to be considered minimally-qualified. Candidates must be able to:

You will receive further information on the assessment content in the Assessment Guide distributed during the workshop.


Fee & Locations
There is a $300 USD examination fee per attempt. Candidates must complete their initial attempt within 30 days of the workshop. If a candidate does not pass their first attempt, they must register to re-take the assessment within 30 days of their previous attempt. Only two attempts are permitted.

To locate a testing center near you where you can take the assessment, please visit Hover over "For Test Takers," then click on "Find a Center."


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