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Miracle-Ear Corporate Membership Program

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This Membership Program with the International Hearing Society provides each fully licensed consultant within the Miracle-Ear franchise network to become IHS members at no additional cost to the member. You don't pay IHS directly and you get all of the benefits and prestige of being a part of an international association for dispensing professionals.

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The Corporate Membership Program is completely voluntary and complimentary to licensed professionals. Individuals who want to opt in must apply to join and renew each year to maintain active membership!  The program does not cover trainees, patient care coordinators, and other staff at the franchise office, but are welcome to join as students or affiliates/associates here.

Questions? Contact us today at 734.522.7200 or

Franchise owner looking to find out if your employees have opted into the program? Request an active membership audit by sending your employee list with first/last name and location to



As a member of IHS you will be able to take advantage of several member-only benefits including:

Education & Networking

NEW for Miracle-Ear Members Only! Five (5) complimentary IHS webinar continuing education credits per calendar year. A $145 value!

How to Get Your 5 FREE Continuing Education Credits:

    1. Browse IHS' robust webinar library
    2. Register to watch archived recordings from 50+ hot topics
    3. Download and take the CE quiz
    4. Send your quiz to IHS (via mail, fax or email)

Complimentary Membership

American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance

IHS Members can claim one-year membership to the American Cochlear Implant (ACI) Alliance
at no cost! ($125 value)

Discounted Pricing on
Study & Training Programs

Members get discounts on the Distance Learning Course, ILE Test Prep, and Total Training Solution

Discounted Registration

IHS Annual Convention & Expo
Network and dive into hot topics that matter most to your practice for an opportunity to earn CE credits. 

Registration is now open!
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Discounted Registration

Expand your care to patients suffering from tinnitus! IHS Members receive discounted pricing to attend the workshop.

Learn more about becoming a Tinnitus Care Provider.

Access to IHS' Community

the hearing hub - an IHS community
Engage with like-minded hearing professionals from around the world on the hearing hub. Ask a question, share opinions, publish best practices, network, and learn from one another! 

Visit hearing hub

Free Subscription & Discounted Fees for CE Credit

As a member, you get The Hearing Professional FREE. Most issues include a CE quiz and IHS members can complete for a discounted fee.

Browse archive of CE quizzes from previous issues.

Marketing & Business Resources

Other Member-Only Services

and many more services and resources exclusive for IHS Members!

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Consumers understand the value of utilizing a board certified professional for their healthcare needs. A patient and his/her family see board certified professionals as those who are not only experienced, but are also committed to excellence and the highest quality of care now and in the future.

Get started and learn more board certification at

In this webinar, IHS and NBC-HIS Executive Director Kathleen Mennillo, MBA; Amplifon America Director of Professional Development Cindy McGannon; and Miracle-Ear franchise owner Scott Lau, ACA, BC-HIS, go through why becoming board certified through the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS) is critical for all Miracle-Ear consultants.

Webinar sponsored by Miracle-Ear in collaboration with the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS) and the International Hearing Society (IHS)