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Course Outline

The Distance Learning course workbook contains 40 lessons and the text book contains 16 chapters.

Professional Training Workbook In Hearing Health Sciences

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 Your Future – Your Profession
Lesson 2 Ethics and Laws
Lesson 3 Acoustics
Lesson 4 Psychoacoustics
Lesson 5 Infection Control Principles
Lesson 6 The Outer Ear
Lesson 7 Disorders of the Outer Ear
Lesson 8 The Middle Ear
Lesson 9 Disorders of the Middle Ear
Lesson 10 The Inner Ear and Auditory Pathways
Lesson 11 Cochlear and Retrocochlear Disorders
Lesson 12 Exploring the Hearing Loss
Lesson 13 Otoscopy and Bracing
Lesson 14 Introduction to Audiometric Evaluation
Lesson 15 Pure Tone Air Conduction Audiometry
Lesson 16 Pure Tone Bone Conduction Audiometry
Lesson 17 Masking for Air Conduction
Lesson 18 Masking for Bone Conduction
Lesson 19 Speech Acoustics
Lesson 20 Speech Audiometry
Lesson 21 Masking for Speech Audiometry
Lesson 22 Additional Testing for the Hearing Instrument
Lesson 23 Tympanometry
Lesson 24 Audiometric Interpretation
Lesson 25 Presenting the Test Results to the Patient/Client and Family
Lesson 26 Hearing Instrument History
Lesson 27 Hearing Instrument Technology
Lesson 28 Hearing Instrument Styles and Applications
Lesson 29 Hearing Instrument Electroacoustic Measurements (ANSI Standards)
Lesson 30 Hearing Instrument Candidacy
Lesson 31 Geriatric and Other Considerations
Lesson 32 Ear Impressions
Lesson 33 Earmolds and Other Acoustic Couplers
Lesson 34 The Delivery
Lesson 35 Fitting Verification
Lesson 36 Fitting Verification Protocols
Lesson 37 Fitting Validation
Lesson 38 Counseling
Lesson 39 Beyond Hearing Instruments
Lesson 40 Maintenance, Modifications and Repair.

Professional Training Textbook in Hearing Health Sciences

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Profession
Chapter 2 Acoustics
Chapter 3 Infection Control in Hearing Instrument Dispensing Practices
Chapter 4 Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System
(Two Parts: Part One: Outer and Middle Ear, Part Two: Inner Ear and Its Disorders)
Chapter 5 Pre-Audiometric Assessment
Chapter 6 Pure Tone Audiometry
Chapter 7 Speech Audiometry
Chapter 8 Immitance Audiometry
Chapter 9 Interpretation and Presentation of Test Results
Chapter 10 Hearing Instruments
Chapter 11 Ear Impressions and Earmolds
Chapter 12 Hearing Instrument Fitting
Chapter 13 Fitting Verification and Validation
Chapter 14 Counseling/Aural Rehabilitation
Chapter 15 Maintenance, Modifications and Repairs
Chapter 16 Case Studies


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Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences

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