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Course Materials

This course is anchored by the Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences workbook. The workbook will guide you through the course curriculum and contains 40 lessons and 39 tests. Lesson 26 is a historical lesson and a test is not required. To pass the course, students must complete all 39 tests and receive a minimum score of 75% on the 100 question online final examination. A certificate of completion will be awarded upon completing the course.


The Professional Training Textbook in Hearing Health Science and its accompanying workbook have been designed as an integrated approach to learning that standardized on-the-job training. Each textbook chapter focuses on a specific topic and builds upon the material presented in the student workbook. It is important that each topic be reviewed with the trainer so that skills associated with the knowledge are thoroughly understood and reinforced.

The Online Learning System provides unlimited access to 24/7 learning tools such as digital flashcards, articles and recorded webinars on pertinent topics. Students use the online learning system to take lesson tests, complete the final exam and print the Certificate of Completion

Mentors and/or students should consider purchasing the IHS Trainer Manual. It is aligned to the course lessons in the workbook and offers the hands-on activities that apply the knowledge to specific clinical scenarios. It provides the trainer a tool to measure student performance and offer guidance that will help the student connect their knowledge with practical skills development.

The course consists of:

Together, the Trainer Manual and the Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course in Hearing Health Sciences course provide students and trainers with a roadmap that guides each through an integrated learning experience.

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Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences

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