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Find a Hearing Instrument Specialist Near You

Need more assistance? Call the Hearing Aid Helpline at 1.800.521.5247 and ask for our consumer kit. You receive a booklet on hearing loss and hearing aids and a listing of qualified Hearing Instrument Specialists in your state.

Hearing Loss

Hearing Instruments

Hearing Loss

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

You should suspect a hearing loss if you:

  1. have a family history of hearing loss
  2. have been repeatedly exposed to high noise levels
  3. are inclined to believe that "everybody mumbles" or "people don't speak as clearly as they used to"
  4. feel growing nervous tension, irritability or fatigue from the effort to hear
  5. find yourself straining to understand conversations and watching people's faces intently when you are listening
  6. frequently misunderstand or need to have things repeated
  7. increase the television or radio volume to a point that others complain of the loudness
  8. have diabetes; heart, thyroid, or circulation problems; reoccurring ear infections; constant ringing in the ears; dizziness; or exposure to ototoxic drugs or medications

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