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American Conference of Audioprosthology

Program Curriculum

Elevating the hearing aid specialist profession through education of our membership is the single most important focus of IHS. The American Conference of Audioprosthology (ACA) program is designed to enhance our membership’s ability to better serve the hearing impaired community. It provides an educational opportunity for those who engage in hearing aid dispensing and ensures that they practice at an advanced professional, technical, and ethical level. The ability to use the term audioprosthologist is earned, NOT purchased. An individual must complete a 13-month course and a subsequent practicum prior to being granted this distinction.

The ACA program contains five courses structured to conform to a semester-hour format common to universities. Each of the five courses is held over three two-day sessions (weekends) for a total of 42 classroom hours per course.

For the complete ACA course curriculum, click here.

Course Requirements

Attendance: Students are required to attend all classes. Absences must be approved by the instructor in advance. If a student will be absent for one day of a two-day session, the student will be required to submit an extra assignment and pass any examinations given for that learning session. If a student will be absent for an entire two-day session, the entire session must be taken at another venue in its entirety and a grade of 70% or better must be earned.

Class Assignments: Each student must complete all class assignments with a grade of 70% or better. Students are expected to have all required texts available to them. Recommended texts are optional and provide supplemental, not required, information. 

Grading: All courses require a minimum grade of 70% to pass that class. Failure requires that the course be repeated.

Official transcripts are available to each student who completes the ACA through the ACE Transcript Service in Washington, DC. You can contact the ACE transcript department at (866) 205-6267or request a transcript online at:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted trademark protection to the terms “American Conference of Audioprosthology” and to “ACA”.