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International Hearing Society

Volunteer Rosters

2021-2022 Committees


Federal and State Advocacy Committee
Ralph Jackson, Chair
Christopher Sumer, BC-HIS
Jonathan Wright, ACA, BC-HIS
Terrence Ozog
W. F. Samuel Hopmeier, BC-HIS
Richard Caruso, BC-HIS
Leanne Polhill, BC-HIS, IHS Board Liaison


Managed Care and Compliance Committee
Gail Cole
Douglas A. Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD, MBA
Samantha E. Sikorski, ACA, Chair
Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS
Wayne Morris, BC-HIS, IHS Board Liaison


International Institute for Hearing Instruments Studies Committee
Douglas Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD, MBA – Chair
Douglas Beck, AuD
Jean Duncan, M.Sc.
Mike Gedeon, ACA, BC-HIS
Christoper Gustafson, ACA, BC-HIS
Kathy Harvey-Jones, MsED, BC-HIS
Edward Lybarger, BC-HIS
Tammy Miller
Samantha Sikorski, ACA