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There are approximately 3,000 members of IHS. They provide services for the testing, selection and fitting of hearing aids, as well as ongoing follow-up care and counseling. Individuals who have met the standards and requirements established by the current IHS bylaws and Code of Ethics are designated Hearing Instrument Specialists®.

Hearing Instrument Specialists® must pass state/provincial examinations and meet appropriate training requirements. Additionally, IHS members are required to maintain their professional competency through continuing education. These criteria assure the general public that IHS members are committed to meeting the highest standards of professional healthcare.

Experience and expertise are also demonstrated by the attainment of independent certification through the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS). NBC-HIS is an independent professional certification board that conducts national competency examinations and offers Board Certified status to hearing instrument dispensers who meet its standards of competence. To become Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences, dispensing professionals must pass the rigorous National Competency Examination and have at least two years experience. Individuals who have attained the Board Certified designation are distinguished by the credentials BC-HIS following their names.

As a condition of membership, IHS members must pledge to abide by the Society's Code of Ethics . The Code sets standards of professional integrity and practice including relationships with patients, colleagues and the general public, as well as rules governing advertising. Adherence to these standards is required, and by violating any part a member is subject to removal from the Society.

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